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Burchell by Newstairs






As part of the Burchell Nursery offer, Cornerstone® represents one of the most desirable and exclusive rootstocks for Almonds, Peaches and Nectarines.

Key Features Include

  • Hybrid rootstock with excellent anchorage
  • Consistently one of the highest producers
  • Drought tolerant
  • Most tolerant to high salt soils

Cornerstone® is a deep rooting red leaf rootstock. It has better phytopthora resistance than Garnem and it is more drought tolerant than Nemaguard.  Cornerstone® is tolerant of pH soil and is resistant to iron induced chlorosis. Cornerstone® will tolerate heavier soils and is more resistant to crown gall than most almond x peach hybrids. Cornerstone® has shown to be the most salt tolerant rootstock in a recent study conducted by the university of California.


Data relating to the Burchell varieties listed on this website corresponds to an experimental plot located in the town of Artesa de Lleida (Lleida), with an elevation of 200 meters above sea level and latitude 41.5° N. Oz Peach data corresponds to an experimental plot located in Archena (Murcia), with an elevation of 100 meters above sea level and latitude 38.1° N. All varieties are private, proprietary and legally protected. Their use and availability is strictly subject to licensed contract via Newstairs Ltd.