Pablo Garcia, an interview at Xtrema Fruit in October


After Newstairs presented at Xtrema Fruit on “From tradition to innovation”, Pablo took some time to explain more about Newstairs as a company and the work it does on a national and European level, as the plant breeding and development business, under parent company AG Thames.


Newstairs is a company dedicated to the selection, development & sale of high quality fruit varieties.  We work with specific plant breeders from around the world, using wholly natural methods of cross-pollination, to develop delicious fruits for growers to plant in Europe & North Africa. Pablo explains in the short interview, the most important aspects of our genetic based breeding programmes with Burchell/Wawona and OZ Peach and how they are evolving in Spain and for the rest of Europe and are adaptable to different markets.


 Pablo also talks of the new breeding programmes from USA having very different generic characteristics if you compare with the European genetics.  We have introduced and we offer more rustic varieties, with higher shelf life and post-harvest credentials that are useful for exports and transoceanic sale.


 Pablo closed by talking about how it was important to attend such events and that it is essential for the stone fruit sector recovery.  Events such as Xtrema Fruit are useful tools to help the industry recover from what has been a punishing few years.

Jo Mumford