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Burchell Nursery is a third generation fruit breeder & plant nursery based in California, U.S.A.


As breeders of stone fruit and nuts they are internationally recognised for flavour, yield, consistency and crucially for recognising the needs of modern day stone fruit and dried fruit growers. Newstairs has selected Burchell as a partner because of all of these attributes and because we sense that Burchell’s stone fruit breeding programme has an intrinsic and undeniable quality that growers can trust.



Oz Peach is a range of early season stone fruit created by Australian fruit grower and breeder, David Mazzardis.


As a grower first and foremost, David wanted better flavour and production from early season varieties….so he bred his own. The result is a unique range of low-chill peaches & nectarines that stand out in their early production window for flavour and most importantly, grower-friendly picking and packing. Unlike so many early peaches and nectarines, the Oz varieties can be picked at optimum maturity and still perform brilliantly through the supply chain when other early varieties are either immature or overripe.



Discover the flowering and maturing dates of our selection of Burchell and Oz Peach varieties.

Data relating to the Burchell varieties listed on this website corresponds to an experimental plot located in the town of Artesa de Lleida (Lleida), with an elevation of 200 meters above sea level and latitude 41.5° N. Oz Peach data corresponds to an experimental plot located in Archena (Murcia), with an elevation of 100 meters above sea level and latitude 38.1° N. All varieties are private, proprietary and legally protected. Their use and availability is strictly subject to licensed contract via Newstairs Ltd.