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varietal selection / development / sales



WhAT Do we do?

We are a company dedicated to the selection, development & sale of high quality fruit varieties.

We work with specific plant breeders from around the world, using wholly natural methods of cross-pollination, to develop delicious fruits for growers to plant in Europe & North Africa.


our team


General Manager

Ben Clapham is a linguist (Italian & Spanish) who has spent the last 20 years selecting, procuring & championing high quality fruit, in particular stone fruits and grapes. More recently, he has guided Newstairs in securing exclusive licences for new ranges of stone fruit and he is actively trialling and marketing these new varieties across Europe and the Mediterranean. Ben's focus is the overall development of  Newstairs' stone fruit programmes on behalf of parent company AG Thames.

Project Manager

Pablo García is an agronomist who specialises in stone fruit. He has superior knowledge of modern stone fruit varieties and proven experience in plant nursery production and plant sales. Pablo’s main brief is to develop Newstairs’ stone fruit programmes in Spain as Project Manager and to collaborate with Ben in Newstairs’ development projects further afield.